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New Leaf Perma Farm market gardens offer small-scale production of organic vegetables, herbs, specialty greens, and cultivated mushrooms to our local

farm-to-fork community.
We sell direct to the public from our farm stand located at the farm, at local farmer’s markets, and thru our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. We also will sell, and grow special orders for restaurants, and caterers.
We grow all of our crops organically using sustainable biodiverse farming and production methods that incorporate permaculture designs and relay cropping methods that focus on growing the land as a whole sustainable eco-system, while allowing consistent production.
We use only organic Non-GMO seeds and plants, and never use harmful herbicides, pesticides, microbicides, or fungicides.

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We invite you to join our New Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program and find the finest local farm-to-fork produce, greens, herbs, and mushrooms. When you join our CSA, you buy a weekly Share of our harvest, CSA is a true farm-to-fork experience you can be proud to be part of. You receive the freshest, quality produce every week, harvested straight from our farm. By joining you help to offset the costs of farming before and during the harvest season. You can receive a half or full share box or credits to buy as you go at the farm stand or farmers market stand. You also get directly connected to us your farmers via weekly fresh sheets, newsletters, farm tours, and seasonal events. Your subscription in the CSA is an investment in a healthy lifestyle, and in the farm to fork movement. ​​

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New Leaf Permaculture was born out of a desire to design holistic regenerative ecological, and economical systems of living. Permaculture farming is organic, low-input, and biodiverse, and uses techniques like planting perennials, water harvesting, resource recycling., aquaponics, hydroponics, sheet mulching, vermiculture, composting, rain water harvesting, chicken tractors, Hugelkkultur berms, and Keyline design to name a few. By using these techniques, we manage our gardens holistically, with no need for dangerous chemicals fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides to provide locally grown sustainable nutrient rich, delicious, food. Permaculture design practices utilized in farming allow us to produce more food using fewer resources by mimicking natural ecosystems.​

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