Market Gardens


Our Market Gardens are divided into 2 categories perennials and annuals, while perennials will provide a ongoing yield, the annuals are planted and replanted in succession and then rotated in relays, providing consistent yields throughout the season. Rows are designed to be easier to harvest, annuals are planted in rows flanked by companion, perennials, flowers and herbs that attract beneficial insects, and detour harmful insects.

We use a non-till method that works in our natural soil amendments to the top 2 inches of soil to avoid exposing the fertile soil below to damaging UV rays from the sun so we don’t kill the biology of the soil.

Sheet mulching is used in non-relay rows to help with absorbing rainfall, reducing evaporation, provide nutrients, increasing organic matter in the soil, create habitat for worms and soil organisms, suppress weed growth, protecting against frost, and reducing erosion.

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