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Discover the delicious flavors of our sustainably grown Oyster (Pleurotus abolonus), and Shiitake (Lentinus edodes ) mushroom varieties. Mushrooms are low in calories, cholesterol free, fat free, and low sodium. They contain many of the same nutrients as meats and grains.

2017 will be our first full year adventuring into the wonderful world of mushroom growing. After several successful flushes over the fall, we decided to add mushrooms to our family of CSA and farm store good eats.

In order to provide consistent results, we are growing our mushrooms indoors in a controlled environment allows for consistent and safe production.

Just a brief outline of the phases of mushroom production.

·        Starter culture – Inoculate the grains with spawn.

·        Pasteurization – Reduces the number of potentially harmful microbes in the mulched straw or sawdust substrates.

·        Spawning – Mycelium grows though substrate and forms a colony.

·        Casing- Promotes the formation of primordia (mushroom pins).

·        Pinning- First mushrooms appear.

·        Cropping – Harvest time.